THOR Cloud™

Most of the solutions embedded in the THOR™ X Consolidated VAS Platform are also offered as a fully hosted and managed service (cloud-delivered "Software as a Service"). Using the SaaS model to deliver selected services to the customer can bring significant benefits to the carrier when compared with the traditional on-site deployment:

  • Quicker time-to- market (typically 6-12 weeks vs. a year or more)
  • One moderate monthly bill vs. a massive up-front investment
  • Flexible volume-based pay-as- you-grow plans
  • Initial setup, system operations and ongoing support included
  • Always newest technology as THOR Cloud™ is continuously updated
  • Once in place, easy replication to other operators within a carrier group
  • Easy and fast launch of new services

Secure Cloud Platform

SPEECH DESIGN has been an early cloud player in the Carrier Services area, with our THOR Cloud™ platform in operation since 2013. The platform, located in a state-of- the-art secure data center in Frankfurt, Germany, is operated, monitored and maintained around-the- clock by our highly specialized and experienced support teams.

The only installation required at the carrier site is a simple gateway server ("The Media Gateway") to which all relevant traffic, such as non-completed calls, is routed. The Media Gateway, in turn, communicates via a standard IP connection with the THOR Cloud™ platform in Germany, which contains all the specific logic for the selected carrier service.

SaaS Scenarios

Our experience shows that a SaaS vs. on-site deployment is especially attractive for small-to-medium size operators with between 1 million and 5 million users for a particular service (e.g. Visual Voicemail or Voice-to-Text) and in situations when new services need to be rapidly deployed and their usage tested without a seven-digit Capex commitment. Another scenario where a SaaS deployment can have a distinct advantage over the traditional model is a phased rollout of new services to several entities within a multinational carrier group.

For a description of the many individual services, please refer to the THOR™ X section, as most of the services are also available as SaaS and the functionality is identical.