THOR X ™ Telephony / IN / IVR

All THOR™ X Telephony Services take full advantage of an elastic cloud-based deployment to optimize resource and infrastructure utilization through on-demand activation.

Multiple simultaneous Telephony, IVR and IN services can run on a single consolidated platform with a common operational view. Major carrier efficiency improvements and cost savings result from common configuration, provisioning, monitoring / management, reports / statistics and storage shared by all THOR™ X services.

THOR™ X was designed with a focus on private clouds and virtualization and offers streamlined and flexible operations in cost-optimized environments. The fully IMS- conformant architecture and the cloud-optimized support of fully virtual deployments provides the level of NFV integration today's carriers demand.

Main Telephony Services include

New services are easily added by the Carrier using the intuitive web-based THOR™ X Visual Designer.



THOR™ X Televoting Solution is a powerful multichannel mass-media system capable of handling high-volume polls, surveys and other kinds of campaigns with sophisticated audience interaction, campaign management and reporting / analytics features.

High-Volume Voting Through any Channel
  • Voice Call, SMS, USSD, Web Portal or Mobile App
  • Thousands of calls or SMS per second
  • Black and White listing, repeated call rejection
  • Winner notification through any channel
  • Live video Streaming support through WebRTC
User Friendly Campaign Design and Administration
  • Custom call flow design through graphical web-based Visual Designer
  • Multi-level game sessions supported
  • Campaign Manager with programmable duration and activity period
  • Social network integration (Facebook, Twitter)
Advanced Reporting
  • Web-based real-time and on-demand access to event counters and results
  • Detailed reports covering trends, program and participant base
Optimized Resource Allocation Through Elastic Cloud Deployment
  • Server instances launched "as needed" only during campaigns


Ring-back Tones

THOR™ X Ring-back Tones is a powerful next-generation solution utilizing the platform's multichannel capabilities.

Intuitive User Booking and Management
  • Tone booking via web portal. SMS, USSD, IVR or mobile app
  • Multi-language support
  • Caller / Group / Time-based tones
  • Self-recorded tones
  • Playlists and random tones
Variable Subscriptions
  • Monthly, Yearly or Permanent plans
  • Automatic expiration or renewal
  • Post-paid and pre-paid billing support
Campaign Manager
  • Upload and manage content via phone, web portal, app or external files
  • Budget management
  • Scheduling (time-of- day / day-of- month)
  • Edit / pause campaigns
  • Monetization through ad placement


Collect Call

THOR™ X Collect Call is a reverse-charge calling solution for pre-paid and post-paid subscribers. Operators can benefit from increased call completion rates while customers can place calls from any mobile anytime, even when out of credit or while roaming.

Operators can choose between 2 ways to invoke Collect Call service
  • Manually by the user via a USSD command
  • Automatically by the network in cases of insufficient credit balance, redirecting the call to the Collect Call IVR to ask the user if he/she would like to call collect
Flexible alerts to the called party to accept or reject a reverse-charged call
  • A phone call and a user-friendly IVR dialog
  • USSD offering on-screen menu options
  • SMS to reply yes or no

Personal Black and White lists allow called parties to automatically block or accept calls from selected callers

USSD and SMS notifications to the caller if the called party is unavailable, busy or rejects calls

Online and offline billing integration via Diameter or delivery of customizable CDRs


Call Screening

The Call Screening Service provides incoming call control to subscribers to allow or block calls from specific numbers in a flexible manner. Personal Blacklists and Whitelists can be easily created via Portal, USSD, SMS or mobile App.

Main features include:
  • Variable caller lists: Black- and White-lists, pre-defined templates
  • Variable call rejection: Signal busy or not-available to the caller
  • Variable Announcement: Standard- or individually recorded
  • Variable B-Party notification: Silent, single SMS, Summary
  • Variable time profiles for rules: e.g. work-time, weekend, vacation
  • Block last call command: via Web, short code dial or SMS
  • Service provisioning: Mobile App, SMS, IVR or Web or REST-API


FMC and Mobile PBX

For service providers offering both wireline (conventional PSTN or IP-based) and wireless connections, FMC (Fix-Mobile- Convergence) can be a key competitive differentiator. THOR™ X offers flexible FMC options, such as One Number Calling, Parallel Ringing or Mobile PBX.

One Number Calling:
  • If desired (for example for pre-selected contacts), the user's fixed line number is displayed to the called party even if the call is placed from the user's mobile.
  • Convenient differentiation between business and personal calls
  • Privacy protection (no need to communicate mobile number to some contacts)
Parallel Ringing:
  • Incoming calls to the user's wireline (office) number cause the mobile to ring in parallel. The user can pick up on either device.
  • While on the road, the user is reachable "as in the office" but can control this feature by enabling / disabling parallel ringing either as needed or by setting a rule (time profile or similar)
Mobile PBX:
  • Popular capabilities of an office phone now made available on the user's mobiles like "Dial-by-extension", "Hold", "Transfer", "Conference" and "Screen calls"
  • The wireline numbering plan is maintained through One Number Calling and Parallel Ringing


IVR Services

THOR™ X IVR Services enable operators to easily and flexibly implement powerful customer or mass-public interaction solutions. The platform integrates with state-of- the-art speech dialog technology and offers multichannel capabilities and Web2 interoperability (social media, Google).

An intuitive, web-based graphical Service Creation Environment (THOR™ X Visual Designer) allows quick and efficient modification of existing services and creation of new ones.

Full Speech Processing Functionality
  • Biometric Validation
  • Speech Recognition
  • Speech Synthesis
Transparent Media Control
  • Playback, Recording, Transcoding
  • Voice and real-time video with WebRTC support
Call Control
  • On-hold, conferencing, outbound dialer
  • SMS, e-mail and RCS
Social Media integration
  • Facebook and Twitter
Google API support
  • Maps, Places


IN Services

THOR™ X is fully IMS conformant and supports a wide range of Intelligent Network (IN) services. IN services examples:

Call Distribution and Routing
  • Number portability
  • VPN calls
  • Service number calls
  • Pre-paid charging
  • Reverse charging
  • Toll-free calls
Group calling and message broadcasting
  • Fast delivery of important messages, e.g. emergency alerts
  • Click-to-call: instant dialing from any browser or plug-in
  • Ad-hoc conferences initiated by a single click